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Home Health Care Resource Services Of Nevada, Inc.Elder HelpLV Programs

a Non-Profit Organization that seeks to

Encompass all senior citizens of the Las Vegas Valley, established in 2010 has a staff of

Multi-talented professionals serving our senior clients with high levels of service and care.


Our Services Include: Elder Help Program Overview Simply put, Elder Help matches you up with pre-screened eldercare service providers based on some basic information that is made available to us. Your specific needs are gathered through an online survey (a " Assessment"), which you complete and submit to us. The results from your  Assessment are then compared against the provider information in our proprietary database. We will identify the providers from our network in your particular geographic area which most closely meet the needs you have identified for us, and forward that information to you.


Elder HelpLv provides information on these medically and other services to seniors & their Famiy


  • Skilled Nursing Care

  • Personal Care Providers

  • Senior Transportation

  • Health Insurance

  • Senior Housing

  • And many other Providers See more >>

NiceRx Partnerships

NiceRx partners with healthcare providers, employers, care providers, social workers, and insurance companies to assist their patients to access affordable prescription medications directly from pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

Community Out-Reach

 a large range of Resource Infomation including:

  • Veterans Out-Reach

  • Community Service Referral

  • Emergency Housing

  • Medicare & Medicaid Info

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • And many other options See more >>

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Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you for your kind referral and time in this matter.  Interestingly enough, I had been referred to Regency Palms and spoke with Christine there earlier this afternoon.  There may be some help there for my Dad.  I can hope.  I do want to thank you for your time in this matter.


Cheryl Mahlberg


Hello Mr. Davis,

My name is Ms. Berry it was a pleasure speaking with you on this evening.  I am currently looking for housing for one of my female clients.  Her name is Sharon  she is disabled, 51 years of age, her approx. monthly income is $700.00, and she currently resides in a an fourplex unit apartment locate off of Bruce and Owens. This individual is looking for housing placement as soon as possible as the unit she is currently living in is bedbug infested.  Anything that you can do to assist her with finding a new place to live is greatly appreciated.  My direct phone number is   702.750.5830. Thank you so much for speaking with me and assisting us with this matter.  K berry

Over the weekend I searched the internet to find services for my 69 year old sister who lives in Las Vegas’. She has 4th stage Colin cancer.  I located the Elder HelpLv Hot Line and called the number. It put me in touch with Mr. Curtis Davis, who was extremely helpful in directing me in having her health needs met (adult briefs, shower chair, walker).   He was informative in explaining how I can get her the services she needs and deserves.  I am very grateful for his services.

 Thank you.

Rita Klein, Scheduling Coordinator, Charles Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation

200 JHF Drive Pittsburgh, PA  1521



I wanted to thank you and your organization for the caring and dedication you brought in assisting us when my 89 year old mother fell broke her wrist and laid on the floor for 15 hours until she was discovered.

We were trying to deal with so many issues such as obtaining the help or panic button system, home health care and other services.  It is a complex world in the field of elderly care and sadly not all companies who serve this group have the best interests of the patient at heart.  The fact that Elder Help has vetted certain companies enabled us to make informed decisions with confidence.  We selected ADT as the provider of the emergency calling service and their local representative was not only at the house within an hour of our phone call, but was also professional and had been in her position for over two years.  Knowing that not only we had ADT national service, but a caring local representative, in the family.


Bill Cole


It was a pleasure seeing you again at the April 12th SPOTLIGHT Breakfast.

Your community referrals regarding our Living Will Lock box Program via your

Informative Elder Helplv Newsletter is appreciated and valued.

Guadalupe “Lupita” Villanueva

Program Officer I

Office of Nevada Secretary of State – Barbara K. Cegavske

(702) 486-2887

I am in Australia. My brother has bad diabetes aged 55. Worked at Convention Centre but has not called for labor anymore. He is homeless as of Thursday can you assist?  His Tel # 702-266-2265 His email He is good at construction thus he may be able to assist your organization and/or work towards assistance Cheers JD

Dear Curtis

Thanks so very much, I just gave her the info and she said she would call. Asked her to let me know so I would know she did. Also know they will have many questions that I won't have answer for. I just so appreciate you, and your organization and what you are trying to do for the elderly on fixed incomes, with everything going up up in cost. I'm sure you are seeing more and more people in need.

May God Bless you

Sandy G.

Hello Curtiss,


Thank you for your advice over the phone earlier.  Much appreciate your guidance with my 84-year-old mother's situation (on top of addictions: gambling her Soc Sec check away and drinking).I look forward to any info you can send along regarding potential housing (and even any help for counseling on compulsive gambling/ drinking) for my mother; the addictions towards compulsive gambling/drinking continue to negatively impact her life and at 84 years, I don't expect any behavioral change soon.  You're right, she has to be the one to acknowledge the situation.  Denial continues to be a major hurdle.

I am grateful for any information you can offer. Pleasure talking to you over the phone.Sincerely,

Micki A, The  United Kingdom 

I would like to request to be added to your newsletter. I work with many seniors in the Clark County area and feel there is a wealth of information and services available through your newsletter.

Thank you for your consideration

Clark County Social Services

My sincere gratitude to you for Steven's referral.  I met with the family on Thursday, Dec. 13th and called the Dr.'s Office to submit home-care orders.  This morning, I received a call that Medicaid will be coming out either today or tomorrow for assessment.  We will take exceptional care of Steven and make you proud.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for our elderly who do not know where to turn to (as was the case with Steven's family).  You are God-Sent.  Many blessings to you and Ms. Carolyn for all that you do.  A-PLUS PERSONAL CARE SERVICES Theresa Minifield

 (702) 236-8920 

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