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Carolyn Walden Davis & Curtis Davis

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On October 18th 2006 my husband Curtis Davis was admitted into the hospital for a three (3) day physical evaluation, he walked into the hospital but, three days later he ended up in the intensive care unit in a state of semi- unconsciousness. He never became fully conscious until January of 2007. Curtis was discharged from the hospital in February 2007 and sent to a rehabilitation faculty, when he came home in March 2007 his mobility was limited, he was unable to walk to the bathroom, get into the car for doctor visits and prepare his own food etc. . . . . Be it I was unable to care for him during this time. He needed the transportation service to the doctors, medical supplies, wheel chair, walker and a cane etc. for assistance in his recovery. Though there were services available to help him, I did not have any information on how to contact them and there were no agencies i knew of to assist me. So I had to go through the pain staking efforts to locate some services that he qualified for


And that were covered by Medicare, Medicaid and or private insurance. I later learned there were many others just like me that needed help in this area. So I decided to create a web-site which contained all the information and contacts I have acquired during my research and make it available to help others free of charge, so they would have an easier time and experience searching for help.There are over 350,000 senior & retired persons residing in the city of Las Vegas valley, many of these seniors are in dire need of a professional home health care provider,such as a homebased service In-Homecare, Companionship, Personal care, Home Maker, Meals on wheels Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Senior Community, Residential care, Nursing Home and Employment etc.


The problem of having lack of service information for senior citizens in the city of Las Vegas as well as its other surrounding communities at that time there was is no centralized location where senior citizens and their family members can obtain information on the services that are available for them in their community. This need has dramatically increased over the past 10 years, despite the increasing number of elder care provider services that are located in the Las Vegas valley, volunteers and supporters of these programs are highly needed and of great demand. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Carolyn Walden Davis

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