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Division of Welfare and Supportive Services
Application for Assistance

“Working for the Welfare of ALL Nevadans”
Programs You May Apply For:
Food Assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps people buy food.
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) helps families with children meet their basic needs with cash/medical care.
Medical Coverage under Family Medical Coverage (FMC) which helps families with dependent children with medical care or the Medical Assistance for the Aged, Blind

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Key Differences and What Is Covered

Download Application Nevada Medicaid  & Food Stamps Forms CLICK IMAGE BELOW


Medicaid and Nursing Home Law Explained


In depth discussion of how changes in Medicaid law have made it more difficult to get Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home costs. Originally aired on FOX news with elder law attorney Sean W. Scott, Esq. and Kathy Fountain.

Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage - Understanding Medicare Supplements


With Life Insurance, You May Have Money for Long-Term Care
Although long-term care insurance is often cited as the best option to pay for ongoing senior care, buying a policy isn't always practical. Premiums can be expensive and older individuals may find themselves considered uninsurable by many companies.
Fortunately, there are other ways to pay for long-term care.
If your parent or loved one has a life insurance policy, they may be able to convert their plan to cash payments which can then be used for a variety of long-term care arrangements.

Nursing homes Assisted living  Memory care  In-home care
Life insurance conversions are offered by third-party companies who value a life insurance policy and then make monthly payments to the insured based upon that value. Typically, payments begin immediately so there is no waiting period.
Details may vary depending on the long-term care benefits plan provider, but you'll find a life insurance conversion often comes with many attractive benefits.

 Money set aside for final expenses
A final payment to family members if any plan value remains upon a loved one's passing Opportunity to maintain some death benefit while applying for Medicaid Elimination of monthly premium payments
Many families find life insurance conversions help resolve two problems at once. A conversion provides ongoing money for long-term care while also relieving elderly individuals of potentially unaffordable life insurance premiums.
Policies don't have to have a cash value to be eligible for conversion. That means term life, universal life, whole life and even group life insurance policies could potentially be converted to a long-term care benefits plan.
As with any major financial decision, you'll want to do some research and speak with a financial advisor. A few points to consider:
Life insurance policies are purchased by the third party at below value, which will likely result in a loss of money to the elder.
If the elder ends up not needing long-term care, the policy beneficiaries may only get the death benefit and not any remaining long-term care funds.

Nearly one in four Americans can’t afford their medications

Do you suffer from a disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, COPD, Asthma, Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV, Cancer or another chronic illness and cannot afford your medication?

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Exposing Nursing Home Abuse and Helping Seniors Get Justice

Nursing Home Abuse Justice was founded to expose the epidemic of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Each year, tens of thousands of nursing home residents are seriously injured or die in facilities that promise to care for them. Our mission is to stop the abuse and end the cycle driven by negligence and greed. Anyone who abuses a senior citizen in a nursing home or assisted living facility needs to be held accountable for their sinister actions.

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